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Fishkill, NY Home Inspections

Home inspections are important for any transaction, whether it is buying, selling, or even renting. Buyers need an inspection performed in order to get a mortgage while sellers may be required to have a property inspection before they can sell the property. Renters should get an inspection to protect their investment from costly repairs later and to ensure a safe, livable environment for the tenant. No matter what your particular situation is, our inspection services cover every area with great detail, both outside and inside the property. We offer home inspection services across the Hudson valley including Beacon, Newburgh and Warwick.

We inspect a wide variety of properties, including:

  • Single level homes
  • Multilevel homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Ranch-styled homes
  • Duplexes
  • 4-plexes
  • And more

Individually Tailored Home Inspections

Since properties in the Fishkill area can vary in style and type, we tailor our inspection services to each one to ensure better inspection results. A multi-level apartment is constructed differently than a single-family home and therefore, it requires a different inspection process. We look over every section of your home, piece by piece.

Interior Home Inspections

Inside the property, we inspect all rooms to ensure safety and stability, as well as health issues and damage. All safety mechanisms and/or features on appliances and other products are fully inspected to ensure safe operation. We also check the walls for water damage, bowing, mold, and support. The furnace is inspected to ensure reliable operation and functionality. Ceilings may have leaks that cause bigger problems so we look closely to find any potential issues, even if old stains or loose fragments exist.

Exterior Home Home Inspections

No matter how tall or how big your home is, we check every section thoroughly. We inspect the siding for loose fragments and mold that could indicate poor drainage systems. All windows are inspected for proper installation and good weather sealing capabilities to reduce heating costs. We inspect and test the garage door, as well as the entry doors to ensure safety, security, and proper functionality.

In addition, the attached or adjacent porches/patios are checked for potential water damage on the underside and on the surface. Water on or underneath the surface can represent bad drainage systems, flooding, and slippery ice in the colder seasons that lead to damage and safety issues. The shingles—if applicable—are inspected for loose areas, degradation, bending, bare spots, lifted/bent sections, and more that can cause water leaks and expensive repairs. If your home has a ceramic tile roof, we will check for loose pieces, water damage, and bare spots. We also make sure the roof pitch is correct for the type of roof installed and look closely at drip edge, flashing, and gutter drainage systems.

Attic Inspections

Attics are known to have hidden issues, especially in homes with difficult access. As long as there is an entry to the attic, inside or outside, we will inspect it for sturdy and durable truss construction, potential leaks under the roof, proper insulation coverage, effective ventilation that satisfies local codes, and much more. Animals, water leaks, heat damage, mold, etc., can cause future problems when they get worse. Do not let your home control your budget.

For a more extensive inspection, we offer additional services that include water quality checks, well inspections, radon testing, wood-destroying insect inspections, and infrared/thermal imaging services.

For more details on our home inspection services in Fishkill, contact us today!