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Home Inspections Warwick, NY

Purchasing a home in Warwick, Middletown or Newburgh is just one part of the homeowner process. It usually takes time to finalize the transaction and obtain the home. For sellers, transferring ownership is also a detailed process. Home inspections are a big part of both so it is important to hire a local property inspector as soon as possible to obtain the required information and continue with the property transaction. We simplify the process for you by eliminating the headaches of finding the right inspector and we explain what we discover during and after the inspection.

Our Warwick Home Inspection Services

Mortgage companies, as well as most home warranty agencies, usually require the submission of a complete home inspection. This guarantees that the property is safe and livable, while also ensuring that it will last for years. As a buyer, avoid costly damage from major problems that stemmed from minor issues. As a seller, avoid lawsuits from undiscovered safety issues or from damage that occurs soon after the sale, such as a leak in the ceiling. Our inspections get you set up as quickly as possible so you can continue with your buying or selling transactions. Get a detailed, area-by-area inspection that goes above and beyond the typical inspection services that others provide.

Our Warwick home inspections include:

  • New home and existing home buyer inspections
  • Rental inspections
  • Home warranty inspections
  • Property seller inspections

Properties Covered by Our Home Inspections

Our contractors have years of construction and inspection experience so they know what to look for that usually leads to foundation issues, water problems, safety hazards, and more.

Properties covered under our home inspection services include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Ranch homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Lofts
  • High rises
  • And more


Complete, Detailed Home Inspections

Rather than follow a one size fits all system, our inspectors personalize the process based on your property. A condominium is very different from a single-family home. We inspect every area in great detail and know where to look for potential problems. We don’t simply brush over the areas; we actually dig deep into the inspection process to find those hidden issues that other inspectors miss. Your property investment should not have to suffer from financial burdens and expensive repairs later on because of something that could have been prevented. We find the issues for you by associating other components that have an impact on the situation.

Outside Home Inspection Process

On the exterior of your property, we inspect the siding, walls, garage door(s), roof, entry doors, windows, and more to ensure safety mechanism are in working order, the products are fully functional, the gutters function as the should for maximized water drainage, and a lot more. Any existing or potential issues will be looked into further to assess the damage or identify what could go wrong later. That way, you can get the mortgage approved as the buyer or close the sale as the seller.

Interior Inspection Process

Many interior problems arise from exterior ones, which is why the outside of your property is inspected in great detail. Inside the home, we inspect the walls for water damage and weaknesses, as well as mold. We check the in-wall appliances for proper safety mechanisms, proper installation, and reliable functionality. The interior foundation walls in the basement are reviewed for cracks, bows, and leaks that can lead to major mold or water damage. All windows are inspected for proper operation and safety. We also look at the furnace, check the interior doors, inspect the counter for proper installation, and more.

Attic Inspection Process

Since the attic can lead to major interior damage, we look at the sheathing to ensure there are no spots with water damage. We also check the insulation to ensure proper coverage and thickness, as well as determine if it is up to code. Ventilation is inspected to ensure proper airflow, code compliance, and proper installation too. Heat can cause a lot of damage, but water causes more. We make sure that your interior walls and ceiling do not lead to higher repair costs later.

Optional Home Inspection Services

Aside from the standard inspection process, we also offer a variety of other services that benefit both the seller and the buyer.

Optional home inspections include:

  • Wood damaging insect inspections
  • Well system inspections
  • Water quality inspections
  • Radon testing
  • Infrared/thermal imaging services
  • Septic inspections

Don’t settle for quick inspections that do not involve detailed reviews or testing procedures. Our company customizes the inspection of your property, pays great attention to detail, and knows where potential problems will occur later. Our goal is to deliver the best inspection services possible so that you stay protected from hidden dangers that cost you in the long run.

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