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New Paltz, NY Home Inspections

When looking to purchase or sell a home, a property inspection ensures that the residence is safe and reliable for years, and it is usually required for mortgage loans and insurance. For sellers, it protects you from lawsuits and other issues after the buyer takes ownership. For purchasers, it protects you from surprise expenses later on and helps to make the home functionally safe, durable, and habitable. Our inspectors have years of experience working with a wide variety of homes in the New Paltz area. We cover every section of the home in a complete and thorough manner, inside and out to ensure you get complete inspection services—not just quick reports.

Types of Homes We Inspect

Our licensed, professional home inspectors cover any type of home, such as ranches, condominiums, and duplexes. We inspect home all across the Hudson Valley including Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen.  We ensure all aspects of the property create a safe environment by using an experienced team with the skills and knowledge to determine potential problems over and above any existing ones.

Our home inspections cover properties such as:

  • Ranch homes
  • Single-family homes
  • Condos
  • Standard apartments
  • Multiplex units (duplex, quadplex, etc.)
  • Townhouses
  • And more

Friendly and Caring Home Inspection Team

Our company strives to provide the best service possible by speaking in terms you can understand and take the time to listen and answer any question you have. A lot of inspection terminology can be confusing—on and off the report, but we verbally break it down for you in a way that helps you stay protected from hidden dangers and future expenses.

We strive to deliver exceptional service on every inspection that we do. Our goal is to keep the occupants safe from danger and ensure that the home is safe from hazards, damage, and unreliable products.

New Paltz Home Inspections from A to Z

In order to satisfy the mortgage lender, the underwriter for the insurance company, and the owner or purchaser, we inspect more than just the basics and do not skim over areas just to get it done. Whether the property is big or small, we inspect it the same way as any other property. We cover every area in great detail, no matter how long it takes.

Our inspection service includes:

  • Detailed exterior inspections: Entry doors, garage doors, windows, storm doors, siding, under-siding walls, roofs, gutter systems, foundation surfaces, porches, patios, and more
  • Interior inspections: Walls, interior doors, steps, railing, floors, countertops, sinks, bathroom fixtures, heating and cooling systems, basement walls, subfloors, built-in appliances, and much more
  • Attic inspections: Trusses, ceiling boards, insulation coverage, ventilation, and more

For exterior analysis, our inspectors check the entry doors to ensure they are safe during use, lockable, and secured well. We check porches and patios to make sure they have solid flooring and that there is no potential for water damage underneath or above. We inspect railing to ensure code compliance and safety. Attic ventilation is reviewed to ensure proper airflow and code compliance. We also check for water damage underneath the roof while we are in the attic.

Inside the home, we inspect the entry doors for level operation and weather-sealing capabilities. All floors are tested for squeaking, warping, and water damage. The furnace (if applicable) is checked for proper operation and proper duct distribution throughout the home. Steps and railing are inspected for safety and durability. We also make sure that the kitchen countertop is properly installed and fastened. All sinks are checked for leaks and functionality. The list can go on.

Quality Home Inspections

Do not come back to the home to discover that someone broke in through a defective window lock or a failed mechanism. Do not discover later that you had a small leak in the corner of the attic that ran down the wall in the bedroom and caused mold or drywall rot. Do not get sued because someone grabbed a loose railing on the steps. Above all, do not get stuck spending more money on major repairs that could have been prevented. As a rental owner or even as a buyer, you will not see everything during your visits. A lot of things go unnoticed for quite some time, but we discover them for you to help keep you safe from danger and protected from sudden expenses. 

To set up a home inspection for your property in New Paltz, contact us today!

New Paltz, NY Home Inspection Photos