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Goshen, NY Home Inspection Services

Choosing the right home inspection company is important in order to avoid potential lawsuits or expenses from big and/or small repairs. Our inspectors have years of experience working with homes of all types and sizes in the Goshen, Newburgh and Middletown area. They know what to look for and how to identify potential problems. Our team covers every area in great detail to give you peace of mind. Do not let yourself face hefty repair costs or suffer from payments for damages to the tenants. If we find no major issues, we will most likely find minor ones that may turn into big ones later.

We inspect a wide variety of properties, including but not limited to the following:

  • Single family homes
  • Multilevel properties
  • Condominiums
  • Ranch homes
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes
  • Fourplexes

Complete Coverage on All Home Inspections

Our company strives to deliver the best service with the best results. We take the time to go over the home or your apartments thoroughly, section by section. We uncover what other miss. Our detailed inspections include the exterior areas of the home, the interior rooms, and the attic.

Exterior Home Inspection

Wall by wall, we look at the overall construction and quality of existing materials, as well as the potential for any dangers.

Our detailed outdoor inspections include:

  • Roof sections to make sure they are well fastened, complete, and free from leaks.
  • Gutters to ensure water drains properly and runs away from the foundation
  • Garage door(s) for functionality, proper installation, and safety
  • Porch areas to ensure no water damage is occurring underneath or above
  • Entry doors for proper installation, energy efficiency, and security to keep the property safe
  • Countertop(s) for proper installation and stability
  • Faucets for proper functionality and for leaks that can lead to property damage

Interior Home Inspection

The foundation is prone to pressure and degradation of the footings that run the water away from the property. We check the walls in the basement to ensure they are sturdy, straight, and free from leaks. Bowing walls are a sure sign of water accumulation near the foundation. Steps and railings are inspected for stability and safety. All in-wall appliances are inspected for proper operation and safety. In addition, the furnace is checked to ensure it runs correctly. For gas furnaces, we check for leaks and inspect the shut off valves. All water supply lines are also checked for leaks so you can avoid expensive repairs from water damage if needed. No matter how big the property is, we check every area closely.

Attic Inspection

Attics are an important component of any property because they are prone to hidden dangers, such as moisture issues, leaks, electrical problems, bad ventilation, etc.

Our attic inspections can help you solve problems such as the following:

  • Small roof leaks that run down the walls and into the home to cause further damage
  • Heat damage from poor exhaust/ventilation systems that may or may not be up to code
  • Moisture buildup that affects trusses, joists, soffits, drywall ceilings, etc.
  • Loss of energy efficiency from the lack of or from poor insulation layouts

Optional Home Inspection Services

In addition to the standard home inspection services, we also offer:

  • Certified and licensed infrared thermal imaging services
  • Septic and well system inspections
  • Water quality tests
  • Wood-destroying insect inspections
  • Radon testing

Don’t let hidden issues lead to bigger problems. Our inspection team will find them, as well as potential issues before they become expensive problems. As an experienced home inspection company, we deliver extensive results every time. You can decide what needs attention now and what can wait until later. Your mortgage company may also have their own requirements before the property can be sold. Everything good and bad will be listed on the report you receive. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.

To book an inspection appointment at your Goshen area home, give us a call today!