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Open Pit Septic Inspection

A Septic System Inspection is Not Part of a Home Inspection

Performing septic inspections for Real Estate professionals, Home Owners, Home Sellers, and Home Inspectors.

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Strictly Septics offers the most advanced open pit septic inspection available. We utilize high definition cameras and high frequency location devices to easily identify and locate your septic system components. Doesn’t matter if you are buying a home or selling one an open pit septic inspection is an integral part of the process.

Inspection Process

  • Locate and expose the septic tank
  • Inspect septic lids, baffles, and visible sections of the tank
  • High definition camera inspection of the inlet and outlet pipes
  • Locate and inspect the distribution box
  • Walk and probe the leaching system
  • Hydraulic septic dye test
  • Generate an easy-to-read inspection report with photos
    and a grading system.

If you are buying a home serviced by a septic system, it is essential to note that a general home inspector does not inspect them. Septic inspections are conducted by specialized inspectors who are licensed in this field. If the seller is not required by law in their state to have the septic system inspected, you definitely should!

The septic system is a vital component of any home. When a septic system needs replacement, it costs a lot of money to replace. In fact, the septic system is one of the most costly components in a house.

When buying a home with a septic system, never skip having it inspected.